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7pay TapToMobile on 7Pay Cloud Platform

A smart mobile device with the 7pay TapToMobile solution behaves the same as a traditional EFT POS terminal. The solution provides the same already known, simple, and secure payment experience to the both merchant and customer. 7pay TapToMobile is empowered by our 7Pay Cloud Platform which is fully scalable with an emphasis on security and reliability.


7Pay je u Hrvatskoj već otprije prepoznata kao inovativna FinTech tvrtka pa nije ni čudo da je znatan dio priloga Dnevniku NovaTV sa konferencije Money Motion posvećen našoj 7pay TapToMobile aplikaciji.

We had a blast at the Money Motion conference, where we met Andrius Bičeika, who serves as Deputy CEO & Board Member of Revolut Bank. During our interaction, he tried out our 7Pay TapToMobile, an app that turns your phone into a payment terminal, and made a generous donation to a charity for children in need (SOS Dječje selo Hrvatska) using his Revolut card

As we said goodbye to Croatian Kuna currency, we carried out the transition to Euro smoothly and efficiently. Euro currency opens up new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with businesses in the European market.

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